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We are not just about carpet cleaning. We also offer a variety of cleaning services, including air duct cleaning, auto & RV cleaning, Scotchgard protection, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and mattress cleaning. 

Our specialty lies in cleaning all of those places that really do affect the cleanliness of your home and your health but that often end up neglected

Little-Known Facts

Why is air duct cleaning even a thing? Did you know that your air ducts directly affect the air quality inside of your home? And those air ducts are full of terrible things that you don’t even think about. 

Suffering from asthma? What about allergies? What if we told you this could be related to your air ducts? 

Here are some major factors about your air ducts that are little-known facts in most homes.

  • Dust mites make themselves at home in your air ducts and they produce waste. Their feces and other waste are just floating around in your air ducts and your home. 
  • Did you know that 50% of illnesses are caused by indoor air that is either polluted or aggravated?
  • Heat and air filters made of fiberglass are actually less than 7% effective at filtering air. 
  • Your home may have up to 70 times more pollution than the air outside. This includes hazardous pollutants. 
  • Polluted indoor air is more likely to affect children than it is to affect adults. 
  • Approximately 1 in 6 allergy-related conditions can be directly traced back to bacteria and fungi in an air duct system.

These figures are astonishing, and they’re affecting the air you breathe. You and your children or other family members may be suffering from the pollution in your air ducts and have no clue of the harm it’s doing to you.


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    Give Yourself the Gift of Clean Air

    Whether you realize it or not, your air duct system really is the host of several hazardous things. It’s typically through no fault of your own, but things like dust, pollen, smoke, mold, dust mites, bacteria, and animal hair or dander make their way into the air ducts. 

    Anything that is floating around through the air or through your home finds its way into your air duct system. Your air duct system circulates that polluted air right back to you. 


    There have been several studies that show that homes are actually more polluted in air quality than most major cities. We hear about pollution outdoors in cities, but 19 out of 20 homes are just as heavily polluted – if not worse! Now that’s a scary thought. 

    Air ducts are designed to be efficient in most cases. Because of that, they recirculate the same air over and over, whether it’s polluted or not. Cleaning the air ducts will most definitely improve the air quality, but it also might improve health within the home as well.

    Air Duct Cleaning and What to Expect

    Every cleaning service will have its own process and equipment for air duct cleaning. However, if the cleaning is efficient, there are certain things that you should be able to rely on. 

    We will start with an inspection of the system. Opening access ports and doors are part of this process so that the entire system can be inspected (and cleaned). The inspection allows us to determine if there are materials within the system that require specific procedures, such as asbestos. 

    Once we’ve inspected the system, we begin cleaning it. Cleaning is typically done with a vacuum that has an extended hose. This vacuum pulls out the particles within the air ducts and then exhausts the particles it picks up outside of the home with the equipment. 

    The vacuuming process may be accompanied by brushing the system so that any particles lodged in the system can be dislodged and cleaned up. The brush should have soft bristles so that no harm comes to fiberglass or sheet metal materials within the duct system. 

    When finished, we will thoroughly inspect the system again to make sure all duct work is intact and that any access points are sealed and insulated properly after cleaning. Most of the time, we can vacuum through an air vent access. 

    Taking Care of Your Air Ducts

    You should plan to have regular air duct cleaning in your home. It is typically recommended that this be done annually to help minimize pollutants and contamination. 

    However, there are some things you can do to be proactive and care for the air in your home. Some of these steps might even be beneficial for preventing pollution in your air duct system as well. 

    Try the following: 

    • Change your filters regularly. How often they need changed might depend on the system or the filter, but be proactive about routine filter changes. 
    • We recommend using a high-efficiency and high-quality air filter, rather than a fiberglass model. 
    • Check filters for clogging and change or clean if this happens. 
    • Always make sure there are no missing filters in your system, and no gaps around the filter. 
    • During seasonal maintenance, ask your tech to clean out drain pans and coils as well. 
    • When work is being done that generates dust, it’s a good idea to seal off returns and registers so that excessive dust doesn’t find its way into your system. 
    • Vacuum your home with a HEPA filter regularly to keep dust to a minimum.

    Get an Estimate for Air Duct Cleaning Today

    If this doesn’t concern you, you are most likely either invincible or fearless! Our home’s air quality should be crucial and you may not realize just how much it is affecting you until you have the system cleaned.

    If you would like to discuss having your air ducts cleaned or schedule a service in the St. Louis, Missouri area, give us a call today at 314-501-5754. We provide free estimates with no obligation!

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