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Cardinal Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning Co.

It’s only fair to know who you’re working with when you check out a business. Here is just a little bit about us.

Cardinal Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning has been a father-and-son cleaning team since 1975. We recently added one more family member to the team, creating a father, son, and granddaughter trio to round out this family-owned and operated business.

It really all began when I was only 7 years old. I asked my mom for some shoe polish and went to work advertising a shoe shine for only 25 cents. My advertisement was a simple cardboard sign and I set up in a local barbershop. Cleaning those shoes and making them shine was so exciting for me, even at 7!

I took that love for seeing things shine and carried it with me into the future. When I turned 18 in 1975, I married my wife. She and I made the choice to start a cleaning business, which was my portal to the same joy I felt when I shined shoes as a kid.

Our business began as Pioneer Carpet Cleaning. My end goal was to clean carpets, but we started with any cleaning we could get. Our very first job was cleaning the windows for Rexall Pharmacy, and then we got a job for waxing the floors at P.N. Hirsch Department Store.

We worked endlessly to get our cleaning company off the ground, including working days and nights.

For 28 years, my wife and I worked this family business together with our sons. One of my greatest joys in the business has always been watching the transformation from dirty carpets to a carpet that looks almost brand-new again.

Unfortunately, Pioneer Cleaning came to an end when my wife and I divorced 28 years later.

But my story wasn’t over yet.

I spent a few years away from cleaning to make a living and then circled back to begin Cardinal Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning in 2018.

Cardinal Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning is my second chance at doing what I really love.

And I’m not doing it alone. My sons continue to run the business with me, and now my grandchildren are getting involved, making this a locally-owned and operated business with three generations of care, experience, and carpet cleaning under our belts.

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