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Carpet Cleaning

The most thorough carpet cleaning you’ve ever had or it’s FREE!

We take pride in our work at Cardinal Carpet Cleaning, that’s why we offer a money back guarantee on our St. Louis, Missouri services if it isn’t the best.

You work hard to ensure your home is beautiful, safe and healthy. That is one of the reasons why we take the utmost precautions when servicing your home. Continue reading the details of what we do to be the best carpet cleaners in St. Louis, Missouri!

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    The Cardinal Carpet Cleaning team removes bacteria, pollutants, and dust mites that live on dead skin cells from your home, leaving your home in a healthy state again!


    For our residential clients we have to wear rubber gloves when we dispose of the stuff we extract from peoples’ homes! I watch small children drop pacifiers, toys, and food on the carpets and then put them back in their mouths.Unfortunately, it can make them sick! Dust mite feces are the #1 allergen producing organisms in homes, and they’re crawling around with your family!

    home air quality


    Looks aren’t everything! Clean 1st for your family’s health and then for appearance. In the average home over two million dust mites feed on dead skin cells and other debris. They hide in your carpet, upholstery, drapes, mattresses, and pillows. Mites can double their numbers in ten hours, and produce twenty pieces of feces per day. You get 100,000 dead bodies and thirty million pieces of feces added to your home every day. Microscopic mite feces and corpses are so small that they blow up into the air as you walk around your house, and they get into your lungs. Eighty percent of Americans who suffer from allergies are allergic to airborne mite refuse. To help limit their effect on your health, you need to clean your carpets and furniture more often. What a better time to clean your carpets than right now!

    High-Quality Carpet Cleaning

    The process starts with a phone call and a visual evaluation. It’s best if we can come and inspect the area that needs to be cleaned so we can create a plan to tackle the job. 

    At Cardinal Carpet Cleaner, we guarantee that your carpet will be the cleanest it has ever been or the service will be FREE! 

    This is how confident we are that our work and our cleaning technology really are the best. We employ a unique endless spot treatment as part of our cleaning process. We even provide you with a spot cleaning plan once we’ve done our evaluation.

    Carpet Cleaning Packages

    Not every client will have the exact same needs when it comes to getting their carpet cleaned. This is why we’ve created three intuitive packages designed to give our clients the flexibility to choose what works best for their needs.

    The silver package was designed to take care of the basics. This package includes carpet cleaning for every accessible carpet space in your location. You get excellent cleaning, including our cleaning guarantee, but we leave off some of the extras that cost more to keep it simple. 

    Here is everything this package entails:

    • Staff wears shoe covers during the cleaning process
    • Pre-vacuum accessible areas
    • Set up corner protectors in all rooms cleaned
    • Pre-spot clean stains as needed
    • Pre-spray accessible areas
    • Clean accessible areas with hot water extraction
    • Final grooming of accessible areas

    The gold package is the next level of cleaning service. This mid-level packet is the top choice for carpet cleaning in St. Louis, Missouri. The package takes everything provided in our silver package and adds to the cleaning process for an even more exceptional level of clean and protection for your carpet. 

    Here is everything the gold package includes:

    • Staff wears shoe covers
    • Pre-vacuum accessible areas
    • Set up corner protectors
    • Pre-spot clean and treat for difficult stains
    • Apply pre-spray treatment
    • Rotary agitation cleaning*
    • Use hot water extraction cleaning process
    • Final grooming of accessible areas
    • Scotchgard protection of accessible areas*

    Items marked with * are added for this particular package.

    The platinum package is our highest tier and it has a LOT to offer. If you want the absolute best, this is almost a no-brainer – especially when you consider the add-ons in the package. 

    In the platinum package, we don’t stop at just cleaning accessible areas. We move furniture and we work to deodorize and really fight those tough stains with everything we’ve got. 

    With the platinum package, you get every other cleaning for free as well. 

    Here is what the platinum package includes

    • Move small furniture out of the way*
    • Sanitize all carpet*
    • Pre-vacuum accessible areas
    • Set up corner protectors
    • Pre-spot treat those challenging stains
    • Apply a pre-spray to the accessible areas
    • Bottomless bottle of spot cleaner, with a spot treatment plan*
    • Rotary agitation cleaning*
    • Hot water extraction cleaning
    • Final grooming of accessible areas
    • Apply Scotchgard*
    • Expedite drying time with air mover equipment*

    All items denoted with * are the additional items that this particular package includes.

    The Little Things Are Important

    There are several little things that we do as part of our process. These little things really do make a substantial difference in the end result.

    We’re here to clean your carpets, not track extra dirt or junk onto them! Our staff will wear foot covers throughout the entire process so that we don’t track anything onto your carpet while we clean. Our packages also leave you with some foot covers that you can use while you wait for the carpet to dry as needed

    We use heavy-duty equipment that can easily rub and bump against the surfaces in the room. We don’t want to leave behind any damage by accident, so we take protective measures by adding corner covers to the room for a little added security to your home.

    Our cleaning will require the running of things like hoses and potentially electric cords. We have specialty door guards that will block the doorway but still allow us to run our hoses and equipment. This can be helpful for not letting all of your paid heating or air out of the house, as well as keeping pets contained while we work



    We don’t skimp on our equipment. We buy and use the best equipment on the market because the equipment makes a difference in the quality of clean. Our team uses top-of-the-line equipment for the best possible clean. We are so confident in our equipment that we promise you an awesome clean or your service is free.

    Every customer that uses our cleaning services gets a free gift from us when we finish. It’s a simple gift that includes foot covers, a spot cleaning chart, spot cleaner, and even a little bit of candy. Just a little thank-you for using us and a little something to help you out between cleanings!

    Get a Free Estimate

    If you’re ready to talk about the best clean you’ve ever had, give us a call! We offer free estimates with no commitment required. Call the office to schedule an appointment for an evaluation and let’s see what we can do to get your carpets looking as good as new again!

    Give us a call at 636-288-8910 and let us help with your carpet cleaning in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

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