Do You Really Need to Clean Your Carpets?

Your carpets are an integral part of your home. They add comfort, style, and maybe even a splash of color here and there. While vacuuming and spot cleaning can help your carpets look clean, the truth is they’re dirtier than you realize. Carpet cleaning in MO is necessary to keep your home fresh and healthy. A dirty carpet can lead to several health concerns as well as damage to your house. If you don’t regularly have your carpets professionally cleaned, your home and family could be suffering.

Hidden Dirt

Carpets are made up of many fibers, each of which has several layers. When you vacuum and spot clean, you’re only removing the dirt and dust from the top few layers of the carpet. The lower layers continue to lock in dirt and dust, keeping your carpets dirty even though they look clean on the surface. Only a professional carpet cleaning with industry-standard equipment and techniques can properly remove all of the dirt and dust from your carpet. Without one, your home and family’s health could continue to suffer.

House Damage

Your carpets may look clean, but the hidden dirt is causing unseen damage below. Normal carpet fibers are soft enough to rub against each other without any problem. Dirt, however, creates an abrasive surface that can cause the fibers to wear down each time you step or sit on your carpet. Over time, these damages can build upwards, leaving your carpet looking worn and dirty.

Food and drink spills and pet stains can cause even more damage. Any liquid that gets into your carpet can travel all the way down. Once that liquid gets to the bottom of your carpet, it sits against the wooden floors and supports underneath. If it’s left to sit long enough, this mess can damage the structural integrity of your home and invite mold to start growing, putting your health at risk.

Health Concerns

The first clumps of dirt or dust will remain trapped in your carpet’s fibers. But over time, they will build up until there’s no more room for them to sit. Now, each time you walk along your carpet, you’re kicking up dirt and dust into your home’s air. Poor air quality can lead to a host of health issues, including allergies and other respiratory concerns. Only by having your carpets cleaned professionally can you ensure that all of the dirt and dust is gone, leaving your home feeling fresh and healthy again.

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