How Often Should I Have a Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Your carpets are an integral part of your home. They provide warmth, comfort, and sometimes even color to your rooms. But your carpets are also a leading cause of excess dirt and dust in your house. Carpet fibers attract dry particulates that can create an abrasive surface on each strand. These particles are essentially like sandpaper when you walk around on your carpets. Pivot points (areas where your feet either turn left or right or moves forward and backward) become worn down and dingy over time. Although 70% of the dust and dirt that collects on your carpet can be vacuumed up, you need professional carpet cleaning to keep your carpets fresh and sturdy.

Yearly Cleaning

Most homes can get away with a yearly professional carpet cleaning. It may seem a bit excessive to clean your carpets every year. However, when you consider the cost of replacing old and worn-out carpets (upwards of a couple of thousand dollars), yearly cleaning becomes the obvious choice. A trained and IICRC-certified professional carpet cleaner can remove the other 30% of particulate matter that regular vacuuming alone can’t pick up. They can also perform high-powered spot cleaning for stains and wet messes. These steps will leave your carpet looking and feeling fresher than ever.

Every-Other-Year Cleaning

Not every carpet sees as much action as one in the main living room. Carpeted areas that don’t get a lot of foot traffic don’t need to be deep cleaned as often. When you get your carpets cleaned, you can often get away with having certain areas and rooms only cleaned every other time. Whether or not a carpet should be cleaned every year or not depends mainly on the amount of regular cleaning you perform and how much foot traffic the carpet sees. Rooms where you aren’t walking over the carpets regularly (such as infrequently used guest rooms or vacation homes) can last longer before the abrasive particles start to wear carpets down.

Twice-a-Year Cleaning

Carpets that see a lot of traffic or mess will benefit from additional cleanings, at least twice a year. If you have pets or young children, your carpets are more likely to attract stains, dust, and dirt. This requires more frequent cleaning. You may also need additional cleanings each year if you play the host often. Each person who walks into your home brings dirt and residue they leave behind on your carpet. Getting your carpets cleaned every six months can help you continue to host in a beautiful home.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

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