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We know that our carpet gets a lot of traffic. People and pets walk over them all day long. But what about our rugs? Did you know that floor rugs usually are dirtier than carpets and sometimes get more foot traffic as well?

Rugs need to be cleaned just like your carpet needs to be cleaned – possibly even more. Let us help you with that cleaning! 

We can come clean the rugs in your home or business on the spot, or we can clean them, and return them to you when the cleaning is done! It’s really that simple!

High-Quality Equipment

We believe in using the best equipment around for taking care of any kind of cleaning service we offer, and that includes rugs. When choosing the equipment for our business, we made every effort to choose the very best. We knew the investment would be worth the quality of clean for our customers. 

You may have seen our guarantee for carpet cleaning. Our guarantee is that you get the best carpet cleaning service or your service is free. We hold the same standard for cleaning rugs

We have so much confidence in our equipment that we guarantee your rug will be the cleanest it could possibly be – or your cleaning service is on us

Expertise and Experience

I did not cut corners when choosing my equipment. I bought top-of-the-line equipment to ensure I can guarantee the best area rug cleaning service in the St. Louis area. You get what you pay for 99% of the time, and that is something I stand by!

Cardinal Carpet Cleaner has extensive experience working with carpet, rugs, and a variety of materials. Not all rugs are created equally, and some of them are more sensitive to cleaning than others. 

We understand this and we have the expertise to clean your rug properly, regardless of what kind of rug you may have. Don’t trust just anyone with your expensive rugs – trust a company that knows their stuff.

Why Rug Cleaning is So Important

Cleaning your rugs is essential. Sure, you probably vacuum them on occasion but other than that, you may neglect real cleaning and care. Many rug owners simply don’t realize just how dirty their rug is. 

A few reasons you should get your rug professionally cleaned include:

  • Getting rid of stains and odors
  • Protecting against mold and bacteria
  • Hygiene standards
  • Maintaining softness & quality
  • Longevity

Stains and Odors

Stains and odors are the nemeses of rugs and carpets. Once they get in, it can be very challenging to get out. That’s where we come in, though. 

Stains and odors need to be spot treated before the rug is cleaned. This helps remove the stains from the deeper levels of the rug. If a stain is not treated properly, it will appear to be gone – but then it will rise to the surface again. 

Don’t get us started on odors, either. Once an odor gets into something like a rug, only strategic cleaning will reduce or remove the odor. Again, that’s where we come in.

Mold makes its presence in some of the hardest-to-catch places. Your rug likely gets a lot of walking and movement on it, but it also might absorb moisture from spills and accidents or even from shoes and feet. 

That moisture seeps down into the fibers and can easily cause mold to grow within the rug. It’s the same story with bacteria. 

The best way to be proactive about this is to have the rug professionally cleaned on occasion. You might even be experiencing health or skin issues from mold or allergens within the rug and not even realize it.

Cleaning your rug regularly falls into place with hygiene. We know you probably vacuum it when you clean the rest of the floor, but it really needs a deeper clean than that on occasion.


We’re not saying you have to professionally clean your rugs all the time, but we do recommend getting on a routine schedule. Remember that we will pick them up, clean them, and return them at your convenience.

Maintaining longevity and quality kind of go hand in hand here. If the rug is properly cleaned and maintained, it’s going to stay much nicer for longer, and it’s going to last longer as well. 

Cleaning the rug professionally will restore it to almost looking new again in most cases. It will look better for years to come. It will even be softer to the touch!

Between professional cleanings, there are some basic things that you can do to keep your rug clean and cared for in the meantime.

  • Vacuum regularly. You can vacuum daily and your rug will still get plenty dirty, so we recommend as often as you can. 
  • Enforce rules for how the rug is treated. Things like no shoes, no drinks, and no food can go a long way to keep your rug cleaner overall. 
  • Spot treat stains carefully. Spills and accidents happen, so don’t just ignore them. Take action quickly but be sure to do so carefully so you don’t harm your rug. 
  • Bring in professionals occasionally to get your rug cleaned deeply and thoroughly. The more often you can do this the better, but just be sure to do it!

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