It’s likely that the upholstery in your home is one of the most-used spots. Your everyday furniture, like the couch your family lays all over or the recliner your husband was snoring in just a few minutes ago, gets a lot of action. 

They can quickly wear down from the use they get, but they can also get incredibly dirty as well. 

Think about it. Your kids hang out, your pets hang out. Someone probably puts their feet all over it (and who knows where their feet have been!). That’s not even mentioning food, drinks, dust, and all sorts of other junk that your upholstery puts up with. 

It is so important to clean your upholstery. Not only will it help improve how it looks, but it will also take care of some of the dirt, stains, allergens, and other nasty things that have found their way into your couch. 

Give us a call today to get a free estimate for upholstery cleaning. Don’t let your furniture go uncleaned. You may not notice the damage it is doing, but your upholstery could be filled with things like dander, allergens, dust mites, and even mold.

 Did You Know Dust Mites Feed on Human Skin Cells?

One of the most important reasons to clean your upholstery is that dust mites get into your upholstery and take up residence. These dust mites are harmful to your health. Not only do they leave behind waste, but they feed on your dead skin cells. 

When you sit down on a dirty sofa, you’re feeding the dust mites that have moved in. While you will probably never really know of their presence, they are almost certainly there. 

Can you remember the last time you vacuumed your upholstery? What about the last time you had it professionally cleaned?

Vacuuming Vs. Professional Cleaning

You should vacuum your upholstery regularly. When you vacuum the floors, go ahead and do the couch too. While regular vacuuming will most definitely help to keep your upholstery clean, it won’t take care of all of it and it won’t sanitize it, either. 

We want you to continue vacuuming your upholstery, but you should also consider having it professionally cleaned routinely to help sanitize the space, remove dust mites and other allergens or contaminants, and even treat stains that may have occurred. 

It’s not about just the cleaning process. It’s also about protecting the health and safety of your family.

Is My Couch Really That Dirty?

Your couch probably doesn’t really look dirty to you – or it might. It’s natural to notice wear and tear on a piece of furniture that gets that much traffic, right? 

The thing about most furniture is that what lies underneath is disguised by the upholstery of the fabric on the outside. 

Think about it like this. Your couch, your recliners, even your fabric dining room chairs don’t just have a layer of fabric over a piece of wood. They have the base, they have some sort of foam padding or cushioning of some sort, and then they are covered with the material that you see. 

It’s easy to vacuum and clean that outer layer of material but most things, including spills and dirt, actually seep right through the material and straight down into the foam or other cushion materials within. 

So when you vacuum the upholstery, you’re only getting the surface clean and not cleaning deep within the furniture, if that makes sense. 

As a result, it might look pretty clean to you but the truth is, it’s actually probably not very clean at all under the surface.

How Professional Upholstery Cleaning Helps

There are multiple reasons to bring in professional cleaners for your upholstery on a routine basis. You’ve seen us discuss them a little bit already, but let’s take a deeper look at the details.

Cleaning the upholstery and getting more than just the surface cleaned could be good for the health of your family and of your furniture. Deep cleaning can rid your furniture of dust mites, remove stains, and take care of pollen and other issues that might be affecting your health without you realizing it.

Professional cleaning of your upholstery can make it look nice again. If you’ve noticed fading or stains and your couch just doesn’t seem to look as nice, you might be amazed at what a professional upholstery cleaning could accomplish. 

In fact, professional cleaning might just make your upholstery look almost new again. Don’t get us wrong – professional cleaning can’t erase natural wear and tear, but it can give you a brighter, deeper clean overall.

Some upholstery can be delicate, and it’s the same story for the cushioning beneath the fabric. Let the professionals worry about handling the materials appropriately. We are familiar with a variety of material types, and we know just how to properly clean your upholstery and sanitize it for you as well.

It’s dirty there. The surface might not look dirty, but we guarantee you it is dirty in there. Once something gets beneath the surface, it can wreak havoc underneath. A tiny spill could lead to mold growth. 

A dust mite camping out could lead to a family of dust mites living their own life of luxury. Pets and people track pollen, dirt, and their own dander everywhere, and these build up over time as well.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning in St. Louis, Missouri

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