How Carpet Cleanliness Contributes to the Health of Your Home

Carpets are an essential part of many homes. They help provide warmth and comfort to living spaces. Carpets come in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing homeowners to add style and flair to any room of the house. Carpets are also a main aspect of your home’s health. Carpet cleanliness is one of the top contributors to home allergens, along with air ducts. If your carpets aren’t clean, then your home and your family could be suffering. Your carpet needs to get a professional clean to keep your house feeling fresh and healthy.

Hidden Pollutants

Carpets are made up of many different strands of fibers. Some fibers are thicker and longer than others, but each one has multiple layers to it. When your carpet gets dirty, some of that dirt travels down and gets embedded in the lower layers of the fiber. No matter how much you vacuum or spot clean, you’re still only cleaning the top layers of your carpet.

This surface-level cleaning can make your carpets look clean, but they are still holding onto dirt, dust, and other allergens beneath the surface. Only industry-standard cleaning techniques and equipment can reach the lower levels and really clean out your carpets from top to bottom. If you don’t have your carpets cleaned regularly, those trapped allergens can become loose anytime you step or move on your carpet, lowering your home’s air quality.

Water Damage

When you spill something wet on your carpet, the liquid travels down and makes its way underneath. Given enough time, this liquid can cause a host of damages to your wooden floors and supports. A liquid environment invites mold to grow, which creates hazardous living conditions right under your feet. Wet and moldy wood also attracts a variety of insects and other pests, which can infest your home and add their own toxic messes to the mix. If you aren’t having your carpets professionally cleaned, any spills can lead to unhealthy living conditions. 

A Healthy Look

Dirt that sticks to the fibers of your carpet creates an abrasive surface. Every movement on your carpet makes those surfaces rub together, wearing away at your carpet’s fiber. Over time, your carpets will lose their luster and stability, making them look old and faded. The layers of deep dirt also make the surface layers appear dirtier faster, meaning you’ll have to clean more often to maintain a healthy-looking floor.

At Cardinal Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning, our father-and-son team is dedicated to helping families in the St. Louis metropolitan area maintain clean and healthy homes. Carpet cleanliness is an important contributing factor to a home’s health. With our carpet cleaning services, you’ll be able to see and feel the difference a truly clean carpet can make. Call us today at (314) 501-5462 to schedule your home’s carpet inspection and start improving the health of your house and your family.

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