How to Choose A Carpet Cleaner

Deciding to get your carpets cleaned is a great way to treat your home to a fresh, renewed feeling. However, choosing the right carpet cleaning company is vital to making sure your carpets really do get clean. There are a lot of cleaning companies out there, some offering too-good-to-be-true deals, discounts, and services. And you can’t always trust the reviews of a company to be accurate. So how do you choose the best carpet cleaner for your home?

Check for Licenses and Certifications

A good cleaning company pays to have their technicians properly trained in the equipment they are using. Quality cleaning equipment does require practice to use efficiently. If a company’s technicians aren’t certified or licensed for the cleaning work they are doing, then they are more likely to make mistakes and leave your home less than clean.

When researching a cleaning company, always check for licensing and certifications for their technicians. Companies that have these will usually display this information on their homepage and their About Us page. If you can’t easily find an icon or badge indicating proper training, it’s best to assume that company’s technicians aren’t fully qualified to clean your carpets.

Beware of Over-the-Phone Quotes

An accurate quote for any home cleaning or restoration service can’t be made over the phone. In order to give you a proper time and money quote, a technician needs to survey the damage or dirtiness to get a better understanding of what’s required to clean it. Companies that offer free quotes over the phone tend to show up unprepared for the work that needs to be done. This can lead to a longer cleaning time with additional unanticipated fees.

Take Personability into Account

When you’re hiring a carpet cleaning company, you’re inviting a stranger into your home for an extended period of time. When you first contact the company you plan to hire, listen to your gut, and feel out how the person who answers the phone acts. Do they listen to you and respond politely? Or do they try to rush you along and push specific deals at you?

Whoever answers the phone is the face of the company. If they are decent and respectable, you can usually expect the same kind of service from the technician. A lot of smaller carpet cleaning businesses have their technicians answering the phones to keep better track of their own schedules. This can give you additional insight into who, exactly, you’re inviting into your home.

Your carpets deserve a good cleaning, and your house deserves a fresh atmosphere. If you want to get the best carpet cleaning you’ve ever received, then call Cardinal Carpet Cleaner today at 314-501-5462. We are a small, family-owned carpet cleaning company with a personable team of trained and certified technicians standing by to help get your carpets cleaner than they’ve ever been.

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