Look What’s Crawling Around In Your Air Ducts

You may not think much about your air ducts. After all, they’re out of the way and generally simply push air around your home. But the truth is that air ducts push more than just air around your home. Although they don’t get dirty the same as the rest of your house, ducts are just as susceptible to dirt, dust, and bacteria as any part of your home. Without proper cleaning, your ducts could be host to more than just air pollution.


They make a great home for insects. They are small, dark, and easy to hide in. While bugs may venture out into your home for a feast every now and then, you may have more pests you can’t see taking up residence. Bugs can use the narrow spaces and protection from stomping feet and squishing hands to build nests. If you have a bug infestation and you can’t figure out where they’re coming from, the unsettling truth could be your air ducts.


Much like insects, rodents are attracted to the habitat air ducts provide. They make perfect hideaways and paths for getting around your house. Air vents that aren’t properly sealed off can be attractive entry points for rats, mice, and other rodents. The smaller the rodent is, the more places it can roam about your home without being spotted. If you notice rodent droppings but can’t find them, you may have some rodent residents in your air ducts.


For most people, birds aren’t as horrifying a discovery as bugs or rodents. But birds are often the most disruptive of air duct visitors. Dust bunnies and loose pet or human hair make for attractive nesting materials, and exterior air vents are usually not as fortified as interior ones. Unlike insects and rodents, birds tend to return to their nesting spots when they’re grown. Once a bird makes a nest in your home and successfully manages to lay and hatch an egg, you’ll find that birds continue to try building in your ducts.

Although not as immediately concerning as bugs or rodents, birds can cause significant problems for your air ducts. Nests can quickly clog up the duct, especially if a mama bird is sitting on her eggs. When ducts are clogged, the central system has to work harder to get the air to flow, costing you energy and money. Birds can also get curious and follow your air ducts further into your home. Getting a bird out of your house is much harder than getting an insect or rodent out.

Getting regular cleaning for your air ducts can help prevent not only air-borne allergens but also unwanted residents. If your air duct needs the best cleaning it’s ever had, call Cardinal Carpet Cleaner today at 314-501-5462 to discuss your air duct cleaning needs. Our family-owned business is ready to help your family get back to a cleaner, healthier home.

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