The Signs of a Dirty Carpet

Your carpets are an important part of your home’s health. Dirty carpets can lead to allergic reactions, structural support concerns, and even mold growth. Unclean carpets can also make your home look and feel less fresh than usual. Because carpets have multiple levels of fibers, your carpet can look clean on the surface without actually being clean. There are ways, however, to tell if you need carpet cleaning services because of a dirty carpet. Learn more about the signs of a dirty carpet.

Increased Cleaning Need

When the bottom layers of your carpet get dirty, it leaves less room for other dirt, dust, and debris to go. Because of this, the top layers will get visibly dirtier faster. A clean carpet won’t need more than one or two vacuuming or spot cleanings a week (depending on whether you have pets or children). But a dirtier carpet will require more frequent cleaning. If you find yourself vacuuming or spot cleaning more regularly, you probably need a deep, professional carpet cleaning.


When dust gets trapped in your carpet, any kind of upset could cause it to rejoin the air in your home. Simply stepping over your carpet could release dust and dust mite droppings into your home’s air. Over time, this poor air quality can create allergic reactions in many people, especially children. With enough exposure, you and your family could develop life-long allergies or other respiratory conditions. Keeping your carpets cleaned and fresh helps create a healthy home environment.

Visible Wear and Tear

Most carpet fibers have a non-abrasive surface. When the fibers rub against each other, they do little harm. However, dirt, dust, and other debris create an abrasive surface on the fibers. When you step on a dirty carpet, you cause friction between the fibers that wears away at the natural surface. A dirty carpet will, over time, start to lose its natural luster, leaving a dingy and visibly worn surface behind. If your carpet starts to look worn down, it’s a sign that you need professional cleaning services.

Signs of Mold

If your carpet gets wet, there’s a chance that mold could start to grow underneath it. Because the mold is hidden by the fibers of the carpet, you won’t be able to easily spot it. Most mold species carry a musty scent with them that is easy to identify. After you’ve cleaned a food or drink spill on your carpet, if you start to smell this musty odor, the undersides of your carpets likely need a deep cleaning and mold removal service.

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