How to Keep Your Upholstery Clean

Keeping your home clean and healthy is a source of pride for many homeowners and renters. However, furniture cleaning isn’t exactly a subject taught often. Keeping your furniture fresh can be difficult, especially if it’s upholstered. Luckily, with the right daily cleaning and maintenance, you can keep all of your furniture clean and healthy for a long time. Combine this with regular professional upholstery cleaning, and you’ll never have to worry about dirty furniture again.

Washing Rules

Not all upholstery is the same. Certain materials can be washed differently than others, and some require different cleaning techniques and solvents. When getting ready to clean your upholstery, be sure to double-check the label and pay attention to the care codes listed there:

W – A W on your furniture label means that only water-based cleaning agents should be used. You should also only brush and vacuum the fabric once it is dry; otherwise, it could become damaged. 

S – An S on your furniture label means that only mild cleaning solvents should be used. The solvents should be water-free and are typically the same kind of agent you would find for dry-cleaning products.

WS – A WS on your furniture label means that you should use a mild water-based detergent to clean your fabric. There are many upholstery shampoos available on the market that work well to clean WS-labeled furniture.

X – If you see an X on your furniture label, that means the fabric needs to be cleaned only by professional upholstery cleaners. These fabrics are particularly fragile. They require industry-standard cleaners and techniques to ensure there are no damages in the cleaning process.


Dealing with spills on your furniture is a matter of timing. The faster you clean up the spill, the less mess it leaves behind. Dry spills should be vacuumed lightly and swept up. If you have a wet spill on your upholstery, be sure to wipe it immediately using a dry cloth. If you use a wet cloth, you could further damage your furniture. When the light cleaning is not enough to remove the stains or smells, you can try cleaning the furniture based on its manufacturer’s label. 

Furniture Cleaning with Cardinal Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning

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