Why Pet Odor is So Difficult to Get Rid Of

In many households, pets are a part of the family. You love them like they’re your children, but you certainly don’t love the messes and odors they leave behind. Sometimes, owners become nose-blind to their pet’s odors, leaving houseguests repelled by the scent. Other times, new spills and messes create such strong odors that it seems impossible to ignore them. Pet odor removal is not always an easy process, and sometimes only a professional cleaner can fully remove the smell from your home.

What Causes Pet Odor?

There are many different ways your pets can leave their scent behind in your house. For animals that aren’t spayed or neutered, you can end up with males trying to mark their territory and females leaving a strong pheromonal mess behind when they are in heat. Many animals use scent as a way to navigate the world around them. The wild aspects of your pet’s DNA dictate that they need these strong scents to help them stay safe and communicate with others. 

Pet urine and feces are other common sources of strong pet odors. If your pets are unable to make it outside or to their litter boxes, their mess ends up on your floor – and sometimes even your walls! Depending on the type of flooring and wall coverings you have, these messes can leave behind an odor even after you’ve finished cleaning them.

Pet Odor Stubbornness

With most household messes, you can easily clean them up and immediately notice the freshness. Pet stains, however, are not so easy to deal with. Carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture all have several layers of fibers that make up their plump textures. The longer the fibers, the more room there is for pet spills and odors to hide. Unfortunately, regular vacuuming and spot cleaning only cleans the top few layers of fibers. 

But pet stains rarely stay so close to the surface. Their messes travel down the layers and embed themselves at the bottom, sometimes even penetrating beneath carpets and rugs to settle on the pads and flooring beneath. Only professional, industrial-strength cleaners and equipment can reach these bottom layers and remove the stains to neutralize the stubborn odors your pets can leave behind.

Pet Odor Removal in Wildwood, MO

As a father-and-son team, we understand just how important family is. And pets are so often included in that. No matter how much we love our pets, though, we still want to have clean and fresh homes. At Cardinal Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning, we’ve been helping families and their homes with pet odor removal services for over 40 years. Our expertise and training help us get your homes as clean as they’ve ever been. If your home has stubborn pet odors you need removed, give us a call today at (314) 501-5231.

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