The Benefits of Having Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Having good air quality in your home is important to your family’s health. It’s also the best way to keep your furnishings, floors, and walls as clean as possible. Air duct cleaning in MO can help your home look and feel its best. Over time, your air ducts can pile up with dust, dirt, and other debris. Without a thorough professional cleaning, all of those allergens can get blown out, negatively affecting your home’s air. For healthy breathing and living all year long, you need to keep your air ducts cleaned.

Remove Airborne Allergens

There’s nothing better than a breath of fresh air. But with dirty air ducts, the air in your home is anything but fresh. Over time, dirt, dust, and other allergens can get stuck in your ducts and vents. If allowed to sit in your system, these allergens can build up, dislodging and blowing themselves around your home. Dust mite feces is the biggest contributor to unhealthy indoor air, and without regular cleaning, you’re breathing them in every day. 

Save Energy and Money

During the early stages of construction, various types of debris like chunks of wood and drywall get swept into your vent openings and can remain there for decades. These impede the airflow, putting a strain on your furnace or your air conditioner and ultimately costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Whenever the A/C or heater is turned on, your home will continue to blow cold or hot air until it reaches the set temperature. If there’s a blockage in your vents, your system has to work twice as hard to get the temperature in the proper range. By keeping your air ducts cleaned, you save money and spend less energy.

Keep Pests at Bay

Everything that winds up in your air ducts is attractive to a pest of some kind. Dirt and dust attract insects and rodents, while loose hair and other small fibers bring in birds. If your air ducts aren’t cleaned out, unwelcome guests are likely to create their home in your home. Not only do these pests pose a threat to your family’s health, but they can also contribute to poor air quality in your home. If you don’t get regular professional air duct cleaning, you run the risk of pest invasions.

Your home should be your safe spot – your sanctuary. With poor air quality, higher energy bills, and possible pest residents, however, your house can be a source of anxiety and frustration. Cardinal Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning has been a leading source of air duct cleaning in MO since 1975. Our father-and-son team is dedicated to helping your family live in a healthy and clean home. Call us today at (314) 501-5754 to schedule your air duct cleaning. The longer you wait, the more your home and health could suffer.

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